Nörom Center




The establishment of the "Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Excellence Joint Application and Research Center" under the coordination of Gazi University, in partnership with Ankara University and Middle East Technical University, was approved at the Higher Education Executive Board meeting on 18.11.2020.

The "NEUROM Project",  supported by the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Strategy and Budget and pioneering the establishment of the center, was included in the Investment Program with the "Consent" of the President, dated 21.11.2019 and numbered 24776198-903.02-135.

NEUROM's mission is to establish a national neuroscience research infrastructure open to all researchers. By processing cyclical neuroscience data obtained from biological or artificial systems with computational neuroscience methods, NEUROM aims to unravel the mystery of the human brain, to define diagnostic and therapeutic biotargets, to develop innovative devices, artificial intelligence applications, neurochip, system/disease models, as well as to create an educational platform for the neuroscience ecosystem.