Comparative and Translational Neuroscience

Basic neuroscience research is conducted, in-vivo animal models of brain function, behavior, or neuropscyhiatric diseases, in-vitro neuronal models are studied by using wide range of methods and tools.



Electrocorticography, evoked potentials, patch-clamp recordings, brain slices, hippocampal recordings, brain and nerve stimulation and cortical spreading depression studies



Tracing and Imaging

Neuroimaging techniques  to observe the functional activity or the structure of connectivity in nervous system with two-photon microscope, ultramicroscope


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Western Bolt

Molecular Neuroscience

Translational molecular, genetical and neuroimmunological studies in cell cultures, genetically modified mice, animal models, and human samples



Behavior & Cognition

Animal behaviour, and cognition in neuropathic pain studies, migraine research, psychiatric disorder models, such as mania, hyperactivity and autism spectrum disorder.