Mission - Vision


The Goals

To develop

  • Neural network, artificial intelligence and machine-human interaction models that are based on the synergistic work of different brain cells and/or structures,

  • Holistic approaches that focus on brain-body interaction in mind functions and disorders,

  • Big data processing, system and disease modeling,

  • Biomarkers for the diseases that cause loss of brain function,

  • New drug targets and neurotechnological products towards treatment.

The Goals

To develop

  • Starting and supporting neuro-industrial initiatives,

  • Sustainable healthy life based on neuroscience, perception management, neuroeconomics, neuroeducation, neuroergonomics, neural interface and artificial system applications,

  • Informing the community, introducing a neuroscience-based approach to education,

  • Raising new neuroscientists, creating an ecosystem,

  • A domestic and national infrastructure that uses the resources correctly and efficiently.