Deep Learning and Computational Neuroscience


Deep Learning and Computer Vision Lab aims to conduct research on cutting-edge topics such as deep learning and computer vision. Research projects range from the evaluation of systems from a human perspective to the development of new algorithms and methods for technical issues. Furthermore, experiments on remote and non-destructive image acquisition methods are carried out in the laboratory to observe the challenges which are faced in real data problems. Our research is mainly oriented towards the following areas:


  • Object detection
  • Contentious attacks
  • Medical image processing
  • 3D model development
  • Manufacturer models
  • GPU programming


Prof. Dr. Alptekin Temizel


Görkem Polat


Oğuz Hanoğlu


Fatih Akyön


Ümit Mert Çağlar


Alperen İnci 


Deniz Şen



Berat Tuna Karlı





paper-A Dimension Reduction Approach to Player-1

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paper-Deep learning for detection and segmentation of artefact and disease instances in gastrointestinal endoscopy-1

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paper-Multi-modal Egocentric Activity Recognition using-1

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paper-Imperceptible Adversarial Examples by Spatial Chroma-Shift-1

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paper-Generative Data Augmentation for Vehicle-1

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