Architecturally Remarkable NÖROM Building Featured in "Serbest Mimar" Magazine
13 June 2024 | 13:47

The NÖROM (Neuroscience And Neurotechnology Center Of Excellence) building attracts attention with its architectural features. Serbest Mimar (Free Architect) magazine, which publishes in the field of architecture, featured the NÖROM building in its June issue. On pages 36, 37, 38 and 39 of the June issue of the magazine, where the NÖROM building is presented with its architectural features, there are photos and plans of the building. The magazine article states that "NÖROM focuses on spatially providing the diversity that a research and science center needs, without turning the various constraints created by the program into a disadvantage for its users, while hosting spatial arrangements that increase the possibility of coincidental encounters, instantaneous gatherings, exchange of ideas and interaction.


The article in the magazine ends with the sentence below: 

"The design is shaped by the intention to create a barrier composition of basic geometric forms around open spaces. While each function is transformed into a defined, readable form, this expression is strengthened with color and texture differentiation. The inspiring whole formed by the coming together of three of Ankara's most well-established universities and scientists who have carried out very important research in their fields is transformed into a form with an analogical language."

nörom-1 nörom-1