NÖROM Was Featured on Arkitera Architecture Website with Its Inspiring Design
4 July 2024 | 09:50

Designed by Kumru Alpaydın, Türker Kesiktaş and Baran Gökgöz, NÖROM is located in Beşevler, Ankara.

A joint initiative of Middle East Technical University, Gazi University and Ankara University, Nörom is a national neuroscience centre of excellence that enables researchers in the fields of health, engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, education, basic and social sciences to conduct multidisciplinary brain research.

The design site is located in Beşevler, Ankara, on the periphery of Mevlana Boulevard (D-200), adjacent to several educational buildings of Gazi University and Ankara University and Sabancı Girls' Dormitory.

It is located on the periphery of Mevlana Boulevard (D-200), adjacent to the Student Dormitory.

The programme of the building consists of laboratories, classrooms, multi-purpose education areas, discussion areas, seminar rooms, researcher rooms, conference hall and laboratory areas where 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla MR devices will be located. Although the overall program consists of the components of an educational structure, there are various restrictions on the use of the design area due to reasons such as the MRI devices in the structure creating a magnetic field and being affected by vibration. The design focuses on spatially providing the diversity required by a research and science centre without turning these constraints created by the programme into a disadvantage for the users. The building responds to the 10-metre level difference in the terrain with a welcoming plane that develops on the upper level, courtyards that settle on the terrain with a five-metre level difference, and lecture theatres that welcome them, with a fiction that focuses on random encounters, instantaneous gatherings, and spatial arrangements that will increase the possibility of exchange and interaction. The lowest level of the site turns into an activity area where the lecture theatres terminate and the café and courtyard on the same level open up.

The design is shaped with the intention of creating a balanced composition of basic geometric forms around open spaces. Each function is transformed into a defined, readable form, and this expression is strengthened by the differentiation of colour and texture. This is how the inspiring whole formed by the coming together of three of Ankara's most well-established universities and scientists who have carried out very important researches in their fields is transformed into a form with an analogical language.

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